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The Gorgeous Watkins Glen State Park, NY

Glen Watkins Park (27)

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If you are looking to visit a breathtaking natural wonder, then Watkins Glen State Park, NY is a must see.  The most famous park in the Finger Lakes region, it is said to leave visitors “spellbound.”  And I can attest that it’s true!

In a last-minute attempt to make the most of the long weekend, I searched online for good places to hike in northeastern U.S.  I came upon a helpful review about Watkins Glen.  I went on to find pictures and was thrilled to see such a beautiful place so close to Philadelphia (approx. 4.5 hrs).  My “on the whim” kind of trip turned out to be one of the best experiences ever.

The park consisted of two major trails; the “Gorge Trail” and the “Indian Trail.”  The former led you to up close views of the gorge, while the latter was a path through the forested area.  Each section was truly unique.  I felt like I couldn’t stop taking pictures!  I needed something to hold as a memory of the inspiration surrounding me.

The park is a moving reminder of the power of nature.  To think of the the thousands of years of erosion that led to the beautiful rock formations gives me chills.  It shows us that nature is the greatest artist of all time.  And though the park was crowded and noisy with tourists, I was able to find peaceful moments to truly get lost in the splendor…a great test of my meditation practice:)

If you’ve been to the park, please share your comments below.  I would love to hear about your experience.  I’ll leave you with some trip planning details:


Address: Route 14, Watkins Glen, NY 14891

Phone: (607) 535-4511

Tips: Bring cash for the entrance fee, and dress for hiking.  The gorge area is wet and muddy so wear proper shoes!  The area does get crowded with tourists, so try to go during off-peak times.

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