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Add animation to your Pics & Art with these Apps

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Want to bring images to life? Try out these free apps that can take your graphics, photos, and AI generated art to the next creative level. Using animation apps to edit images is quite accessible with a little practice. You can add things like motion, distortion, sound, and text. Below are instructions on animating images along with an example of my finished piece.

  1. Generate an image with an AI Art Generator such as Dream by Wombo or DALL-E 2

  2. Upload your image to the Motionleap app. Use the "animate" tool to add motion paths. Make sure to utilize anchors and freeze in order to control the parts of the image that are moving versus stationary.

  3. You can add additional effects to your image such as dispersion, smoke, overlays, and more. I also reccommend the CapCut app for more robust editing features. Download as video/mp4 file.

  4. Upload your video to Canva and add features such as audio, animated text, and more.

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