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AI-Generated Kooky Cats with Glasses

What is it about anthropomorphizing other animals that is so interesting? Maybe it's our human desire to project our own animal ways onto everything else in our environment. We are an entitled bunch that likes to see our own reflection constantly...selfie anybody?

I'm comfortable thoughtfully playing with some anthropomorphizing in my art, but do my best not to do it to animals in the real world. I'm staunchly against the philosophy of anthropocentrism: the belief that human beings are the central or most important entity in the universe. Despite our brain differences, I believe that humans are equivalent to all other beings, no better, no worse. One of our biggest mental downfalls is not seeing and honoring this reality.

All living beings, really all atoms & molecules, are part of a larger ecosystem of interdependence. Therefore no one being or entity can claim it is superior to the other. The rock is just as fundamental as the tree, as is the cat, as is the human, and so on. When we accept that our existence is equivalent and connected to everything, then we can let go of these frames and really start learning from the multitude of life around us. That's a world I dream of existing one day.

No cats were harmed in the making of this art hehe:) Seriously though, what would the internet (and the universe) be without cats?

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