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Sickening Sites Promote Eating Disorders

I am definitely not a news watcher, or as I call it, "the sames.”  But I was in earshot of the TV, and heard a very disturbing story.  There are websites that are promoting anorexia and bulimia, called “pro-ana" or "pro-mia.”  They form communities that help people suffering from eating disorders worsen their condition.  The message of these sites is that “thin is in” at all costs: a support group promoting disease.  I cannot believe how terrifying this is.  Children are so impressionable, and can be negatively impacted if viewing such sites.  If you suspect a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder guide them to great sites such as “The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness.”  Also visit for ways to protest these sites.  Following is a poem I wrote on the subject of eating disorders.

Hungry Child

Little child with no control.

The pain is deep, can’t let go.

Crying softly on the floor.

Fingers reaching down the throat.

Food is flooding in the bowl.

Stomach paining, tied in knots.

Slowing pushing, and pulling in.

Beyond the simple depth of thin.

Pictures showing mirror image,

of the disease that’s within.

Elders looking to be the same.

Many to hold the burden of blame.

Corporate concoctions to sell useless things.

Girls have one purpose…to be sold to and seen.

The glossy covers of magazines,

see that same broken teen…

as we cry and we scream.

What does this life mean?

To destruct everything?

Build a picture of the truth.

Show the strength to our youth.

Love, it comes from one’s heart.

Not external body parts.

Protect the mind of innocent.

Raise our children’s consciousness.

6/23/10 —–Preeti Pathak

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