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Preeti’s Poetry: Writer’s Paradise and Agony

Wherever I am, I am always carrying paper and pen.  I am an analytical, introspective person and I always need a way to capture all my thoughts.  Writing is my freedom, my release.  I just enjoyed the cool breeze tonight and was lost in thought.  I was doing my daily “gratitude thinking".”  I think of all the things I am grateful for, all I have, and also reflect on the present moment.  As I did this tonight, I saw a shooting star across the sky.  I was so moved by this sight…thankful I was able to experience it.  Of course I journaled about the experience.  And I was reminded how writing is part of my gratitude.  It is my way to express the feelings I have, and to capture a piece of my personal history.  One day I will look upon my words, and be grateful for this nostalgic gift.

In relation to writing, I wanted to share this poem on the experience of it all: the highs and lows of the observing mind. Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Writer’s Paradise and Agony

Why do words come out of me?

What do they mean?

Where will they take me?

I hate these words inside my head,

But without them I would be dead.

A bittersweet existence, so I must write.

No matter the level of my despise.

Can’t stop the fingers,

Can’t stop the mind.

The path of story,

To which I’m blind.

No sense of control,

But it’s me who decides.

Who is the voice,

inside this mind?

Who is the one,

holding the strings?

For I’ve left my body,

something’s taken over me.

As the hours pass,

And my eye lids drop.

My fingers keep moving.

I just cannot stop.

As I release letters to words.

My mind mixes into a blur.

A spiritual experience,

a frightening thirst.

To share the secrets of my verse.

6/14/10 —–Preeti Pathak

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