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Preeti’s Poetry: The Space to Begin

This is a poem about taking a chance at the possibility of love.  It’s about letting someone in, even if we have been hurt in the past, even if that person doesn’t completely fit our ‘mental checklist’, even if we fear the risk of new beginnings.  It’s dedicated to a very special woman who took a chance and let me in…a woman who now holds my heart.

“The Space to Begin”

She engulfs me with desire.

I lay at night counting the minutes until I wake.

When will she be lying next to me?

My eyelids heavy, I will dream of her tonight.

To touch her, to kiss her, it’s all that lives in my mind.

She fears what it could mean to be in love with me.

She stifles her desire, but it can’t be hidden.

So different, yet the same.

I imagine what we could be: a complement to each.

Like the sun and moon…casting light onto her beauty.

Sharing the burden of lighting the skies.

Patience is the virtue I have tested of late.

With only dreams to comfort me.

I save the space in my heart and bed for her.

Hoping to calm her fears of the end, so we can finally begin.

—-Preeti Pathak, 6/9/14

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