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Preeti’s Poetry: Central Park

This piece was inspired by an afternoon spent sitting in Central Park.  Enjoy:)

Central Park

Rock has formed out from the earth.

The trees, the air, the birds: rebirth:

Squirrels are playing a game of chase.

As I sit here in warm embrace.

Gentle breeze drifts within.

My eyes are free to explore the scene.

The brush so thick, the flowers burst.

And for the rains, the dirt, it thirsts.

Drops of water upon my head.

As I lay in fields…soaking up life.

The ground and I, we become one.

Tranquil trees, wait for setting sun.

The people, like lamp posts, choose their spot.

And through the canopy the city glows.

Yellow cabs, they cross the bridge.

Now park and city melt and mix.

Where one ends, the other begins.

And I’m in awe, that this is mine.

And this is yours.

We share this space with parent earth.

My feet they step among the ants.

The worlds of human can seem so vast.

But worlds of others among our path.

In unison we thank the skies.

Child of nature: my home I find.

4/30/10 —–Preeti Pathak

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