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Philly Lot Clean Up Success

Thanks to all those who made it out to the clean up!  We had a great turnout and cleaned up a lot that bordered on jungle.  The weeds were so overgrown you could not see through the fence.  With a positive attitude and a few tools, we cleaned up the lot in about two hours.  And next weekend we will be having another clean up:

I also wanted to share a “Secret” moment that I had.  I decided to sit on my front stoop to enjoy the breeze.  A group of neighbors were coming out from what appeared to be a meeting that turned out to be with Rep. Kenyatta Johnson. The were meeting to discuss local problems.  The group gathered across the street in front of the lot we planned to clean up.  I overheard their conversation, introduced myself, and told them about the clean up.  They had actually seen the flyers posted and were wondering who put them up.  Rep. Johnson gave me his information and said if I contacted the office, they could help with the next clean up by providing supplies.  They also plan to take down a problem tree on the lot.  I put the positive action of planning an impromptu clean up, and the universe sent me resources.  I learned yet again that the only limitations are my own thoughts.  If I believe in my goals good things will follow.  I can’t wait to see what the universe has in store next!


Dancing was my destiny, well at least for this evening.  I hit Fluid Nightclub in Philadelphia.  My dear friend Dianne introduced me to this hotspot in Philly and it never disappoints.  The DJ plays awesome music –  reggae, soul, r&b, and so much more.  Even the website has a great mix playing.  The $5 shots beat many Center City prices.  Nothing like getting out with friends to dance and have a good time, especially after a fulfilling day’s work.  Hope you had an enjoyable night filled with great memories.

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