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NYC to Provide Sex Trafficking Awareness Training to Taxi Drivers

Day by day, Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is being addressed in our society.  There are many links in the chain that allow these crimes to happen.  We must target each link to weaken the chain of CSE.  Recently, NYC started a new policy requiring all licensed TLC drivers (taxi and livery drivers) to complete a “Sex Trafficking Awareness Training.”  This training was a result of the New York City Local Law 36 of 2012, which aims to penalize drivers involved in profiting from commercial sexual exploitation.  The following slides from the video explains the need for the training further.  I recommend watching the entire video, which is a great resource for anyone working to combat exploitation.

New Picture (4)

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Local Philadelphia organizations, such as Dawn’s Place, are working to circulate this information to our taxi and livery drivers as well.  If you are affiliated with any driver services organizations or NGO’s combating commercial sexual exploitation, please pass this video along.  Help spread the word and raise awareness.

You can download and watch the video by visiting the NYC TLC Site. You can also read more about this story on the CNN Freedom Project website.

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