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Indian Stereotypes and Racist Thinking

I came across this post on Feministing, and wanted to share it with readers.  I was disappointed to see that Huffington Post would even accept such a piece.  Please read the piece, and then comment on Huffington Post.  Here were my brief thoughts on the matter:

“I don’t even know where to start. This article is the outcome of white entitlement. I empathize with the writer, because I think she can’t see past her entitlement. The article is completely racist and dehumanizing…all based on stereotypes the writer has gathered through her limited experience as an “outsider” to another racial group.

I am an Indian. I am not a stock or representative of all Indians. Though one might notice commonalities within a group, you must really understand that this is not the basis for blanket beliefs. I urge the writer to imagine such an article written about how to date a Caucasian. But you can’t because being the major group in the US, you’re given the right to be individuals that cannot be labeled by a group of stereotypes. As a minority you are seen as this mass. Your individuality is doubted and you are lumped into a category of what you are or aren’t. We are not prey to be hunted by a set of rules. We are people, and the only way to attract anyone is to get to know them, and see if there is a connection. Studying up on people this way is sickening. Also the entire concept of targeting a certain racial group to date is utterly racist and limiting. If you go into dating with preconceived notions on someone based entirely on their race you are not seeing that person as a whole.”

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