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4th of July, Warren Style





Only in Warren, PA!

In my hometown of Warren almost 3 weeks before the annual 4th of July parade, you will find the locals reserving their spot. Prime “lawn chair real estate” is to kill for in Warren. At first only a few chairs can be seen on Pennsylvania Ave., along the parade route. But before you know it every square inch will be covered with chairs. Some of the most serious parade watchers even set up wooden benches.

Though I have witnessed this Warren, PA parade phenomena my whole life…I still am tickled each year when I see the chairs. The prankster in me would so love to move all the chairs the day before the parade. But I know it wouldn’t be funny to many. It even could be grounds for death threats in a place the takes parades as seriously as some here do! Though I do understand why. I love attending the 4th of July parade with my chosen family. We walk on over, claim an open spot on the curb, and enjoy. If you find yourself in my hometown during the 4th make sure not to miss this fun event. And also make sure to watch the evening fireworks. Hope all those who are celebrating have a great 4th of July. And remember: don’t drink and drive!

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