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To Twitter or Not?

When I first heard of Twitter, I thought it seemed a bit pointless to have such a tool when blogs existed.  With technology rapidly changing everyday, its hard to tell what will be a fad and what will stick.  I like to sit back and see how the “market” reacts as I make my decision to join something new.  There was a Twitter training course at my previous job, and I decided to check the whole thing out for myself.  We all signed up for accounts during the class, and I don’t think I logged back on it ever again.  In my day to day life I didn’t find a use for it.  But as a entrepreneur and artist who envisions owning a business one day, I see the value of such sharing devices.  Twitter gets bits of information across to others quickly.  In the business/ art world this can be very useful, since there is a massive amount of knowledge to sift through.  I also see the advantage as a blogger to use Twitter.  Many times (as my readers can see) I get caught up in life and don’t get to finish a draft, and therefore don’t post for some time.  But I can “tweet” an interesting link for readers to check out for themselves.  I might not get the opportunity to share my personal thoughts, but at least the information is being spread around.  I’m excited to say that Preeti’s Purpose is now on Twitter.  You can follow me by visiting my Twitter page: You can also see my recent Twitter posts on my blog homepage on the right hand side.  Let the “tweeting” begin!

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