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Active Bystander Intervention Tips & Marvel Fan Art

Sexualized and gendered violence are embedded in all world cultures. We have an opportunity to reduce this violence when we actively support victims in real-time. I hope "Spidey Sense" tips can be of help to you if you witness harm. Remember to always do what feels safest to you. Sometimes we're not able to help due to our level of safety at that moment. Other times we try to help and can feel as if we're escalating the situation. Like any skill, it takes practice and making mistakes to get better. Be gentle with yourself in the process of trying to be an active bystander as well as learning to stand up for yourself. I try to channel my inner Spidey when I witness or experience harassment. I'm a big Marvel fan and Spiderman has always been one of my favorite characters. Peter Parker is a reminder to lead with your heart when you see a neighbor in need. Your care and compassion can change the energy of a situation and prevent further harm.

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