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Preeti’s Poetry: Celestial Whys…

While reflecting on the vastness of the universe and the place we have in it, I came up with this poem.  It is important to remember that we are so small in relation to the size of the universe.  Yet we still have such a profound impact on existence.  Like the countless stars in the night sky, we have our place in this life.  Remember to take time to reflect on the concept of life.  Lay in the grass and look through the sky.  Think of all the layers, from the core of the earth, to the farthest reaches of space.  Each step, each action we take as individuals, is part of the collective energy of existence.  Take each step and remember how the smallest actions have an effect.  We are just one moment in time, and time stretches beyond us: an individual, with a short time in this body.  Living should be to make an impact, and accepting that small explosion of energy will join with the others to make massive change.  So I must put my life into finding my purpose, and making it come true.  What impact do you want to make?  What purpose is guiding you?  What do you see when you look to the sky?


Celestial Whys…

I’m floating across the air tonight.

My eyes are open for the first time.

I twist and turn to gather sights.

Each one so new…trapped in my eyes.

Swaying through the chilly skies.

The wind cuts deep, and I’m alive.

The air up here like no other.

Can I return to breathe much lower?

Now I’ve tasted everything.

I’ve soaked up feelings that now live deep.

Inside of me, the shell has cracked.

Rebirth of life, I left in the past.

As it hatches, I take up space.

And on the stars I rise and lay.

Shimmery heaps of light and mass.

I’ve seen true beauty, now at last.

I’ve touched eternity in my hands.

The atmosphere thick with gas.

The planets spinning; the meteors crash.

I swim in galaxies from present to past.

In future times, in dimensions so vast.

I’ve learned that there are things unknown.

Powers of nature we’ll never hold.

To bask in the wonder is all we need:

to dream of the possible truth we see.

5/31/10 —–Preeti Pathak

And now some fitting music to enjoy:

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