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Enlightenment on Any Budget

I have to admit I love perusing stores selling “tools” for enlightenment.  I love all the yoga mats, meditation music, therapeutic oils, and such.  But being broke prevents me from making any purchases (as well as my desire for minimalism).  I’m a master of procrastination, so I tell myself, “well once I get money, I’ll buy all those things, and then start meditating at home.  When I’m super motivated, I head over to the Philadelphia Shambhala Meditation Center.  Their beautiful space helps me to feel the tranquility needed to sit still.  But during times like now, when I have limited energy and resources, I can’t make it to the center or create a space at home.  So for some time I have been falling behind on my goals.  Meditation is such an important tool to calm the mind, restore balance to the body, and help to process emotions.  It is an important part of my healthcare.  Tonight I finally had it with myself.  I threw all my excuses in the garbage and got to work.  I pulled the rug from my kitchen onto the patio.  Next I grabbed my incense, a glass of water, turned on my music, and I was good to go.  I laid down on the rug and the cool evening breeze made it the perfect temperature.  I looked up at the sky and was mesmerized by the swirls of white clouds with dark blue sky.  I breathed deeply in and out, and let my mind clear.  After about 30 minutes, I lifted from a trance-like state.  I slowly came to the remembrance of all the things around me.  I had spent those minutes deep within myself, and now awoke refreshed.  I realized how silly my excuses were.  Nothing is needed to meditate but yourself.  No special tool or place is necessary, just your mind.  By being grateful for all I have, I was able to create the perfect meditation space without a penny spared.  What goals have you been avoiding and what excuses lie in the way?  Asking ourselves such questions can help to keep us on our path to our purpose.

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