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"The movement for aesthetic fulfillment."
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Preeti’s Purpose is the movement for aesthetic fulfillment: a vision of a world rooted in art, creativity, and joy. I'm dedicated to bringing people's personal visions to life through my unique artistic voice. I'm inspired by color, nature, and thought-provoking prose. I enjoy creating spaces at the intersection of art, technology, and education.

Preeti's Purpose Logo






Preeti Pathak, artist, designer, educator, Preeti's Purpose, @preetispurpose

I’m a jack of many trades and wear the hats of artist, designer, writer, educator, service worker, and community organizer, with over 15+ years of experience in Philadelphia and the interwebs:)

How to Say My Name:

  • Preeti is pronounced as one word: "pre" like preach and "thee" like theme

  • Pathak is pronounced as one word: "paw" and "tuck"

  • ("Pree-thi Paw-tuck")

Preeti Pathak

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