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PhillyNORML Open Meeting – Highlights of my Return to Affiliation


Boston Common, Boston, MA (I love this unique tree!)

For most of my life I had been confused by the laws surrounding marijuana.  I couldn’t understand how a plant could get so much press!  I got the chance to take a great Psychology course,”Drugs and Human Behavior”, which taught me the truth behind marijuana and drug policy.  From then on, I knew sooner or later I would have to get involved in the cause to legalize marijuana.  I saw countless people use the substance and suffer no adverse effects, while others had positive medical benefits.  The range of experience for all substances is wide with many outliers, but I learned from an early age that weed was not the drug they claimed it to be.  I believed the universe was guiding me toward my mission, so I let it do it’s thing, as I tried to think of ways to be an advocate.  This started with me looking at all sides.  Through a series of random chance events, I found PhillyNORML, and my guidance was completed.

Tonight was my second time attending a meeting, and I was glad I did.  The group is a interesting mix of concerned citizens.  And those who come with connections help to spread more awareness about cannabis.  The meeting included much discussion on the HB1393 hearings of 8/19.  Videos and more information can be found here.  Fundraising and marijuana awareness ideas such as letters to the editor, phone banking, and tables at events were shared.  One of the cool events coming up is a table at the PW concert series in Rittenhouse Park.  The next one will be held 8/25 from 7-9 pm.  To find out more about the meeting, I highly recommend reading the minutes which can be found here.

Gathering with like minds about changing society in a positive way is so important.  Getting involved in a cause gives us a greater connection to our community, beliefs, and stimulates the mind.  The key to marijuana law reform is to get the third most popular recreational drug in the U.S. (after tobacco and alcohol) out of the darkness and into the public eye.  The supporters must speak.  The more we hide our beliefs from society, the harder we make it to be free.  For a drug that is enjoyed recreationally, used medicinally, and grows in dirt I wonder, is the fear in the power of nature?  Because we know the earth speaks louder than any corporate or political voice.  So join your local chapter of NORML, start one in your area, or begin discussions with others on this important topic.

I leave you with a poem that is from the perspective of an individual trying to make sense of the criminalization of marijuana.  It highlights the medicinal, creative, and recreational aspects of weed.  Please enjoy and share your experiences with the great green bud:)

Trust the Bud

They tell me not to trust the bud.

Blooms in forests, free in the sun.

Try to fight it, but I have seen.

The truth behind the shady screen.

Breaking up the dark green love.

Rolling it up, now my mind flies above.

Starry skies, atmosphere.

Now my mind feels so clear.

Inhalation of the calm.

Exhalation of the storm.

Light and airy, I float on words.

I float on sights.

I touch the sun.

No longer shall my body waste.

As my senses stimulate.

Finest tastes in my glands.

Not for any feast, I demand.

Happy to eat straight from the earth.

The farmer learns to worth of dirt.

Writing flows from fingertips.

Artistic visions conjure within.

Read I won’t have aptitude.

Read I’d lack the drive to move.

But I am flying past the rest.

My broken body can pass the test.

Facts as high as the Himalayas smeared.

For many the benefits, still unclear.

But I attest to the strength.

Of Bhagwan’s medicine.

From dusky dawn to setting sun,

I’ll blaze the truth until we’ve won.

8/16/10 —–Preeti Pathak

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